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At AW Leadership we understand the investment returns on quality management training are immense. It takes 'Skill & Will'.  Research conducted by Gallup showed that the most important factor in determining how productive people are at work and how long they stay is not their pay or perks or working for a great brand.  It’s the relationship they have with their immediate manager.

At AW Leadership we believe leadership training embraces more than just the individual.   It’s an investment in the whole team because your managers learn how to coach, lead and develop their people. When managers become skilled leaders, results improve, motivation increases and everyone enjoys the workplace more and feels far more valued.  And happy staff means happy customers...
If you Google the word 'leadership', the result is 'about 875,000,000 results (0.55 seconds)'!  If you search Amazon for a book on 'leadership' the result is 184,905 books with the word leadership in the title!

It would be fair to say there is a vast amount of information on the subject.  At AW Leadership we specialise in a tried and tested approach to leadership and leadership development - Action Centred Leadership - or ACL.  

Used by over a 1,000,000 managers worldwide, ACL is an accessible and effective framework for leadership and management development that is practical and highly productive.
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